The Storage Answer containers are easy to build and move, so they can be moved around a job site, or from one site to another without hassle. They also can be moved with a small truck or on a trailer, and when packed up are only 12" high.


Because The Storage Answer containers are easy to move, and typically weigh less than ⅓ of a shipping container, they are much more practical. They can be easily moved without elaborate equipment, which saves money and time. They provide a stress free storage answer no matter what your situation may be, due to the flexibility of being able to move them or break them down easily at any time.

Built to Last

The Storage Answer containers have been engineered with proper ventilation to prevent condensation and dampness. They are made with 20 gauge galvanized steel that resists rusting, and feature OSB strand board flooring that is treated to resist moisture and insects. The built- in gutter system further assures the longevity of your investment.

About SunView Property Services

Treating your lawn like we owned it for 13 years, and counting!

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About SunView Property Services

Sunview Property Services, LLC was formed in June of 2011 by Matt Baker. Matt had just graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with an Accounting degree, and decided to combine his recently acquired business knowledge with his love for the outdoors and landscapes.

Since then, Sunview has grown, bringing on valuable partners and team members to help accomplish the ultimate goal of Sunview: to provide our customers with a property maintenance experience that allows them to effortlessly protect their most valuable assets-their properties.

Our only goal at SunView Property Services is to provide our customers with unmatched quality in the most efficient manner. Many times customers will come to us with a specific budget they have and we prepare different options for them to consider. Because we are a full service company, it is rare that there is a task that we or one of our partners can't handle.
We have invested in software to increase efficiency.

We have created systems within the business that are understood and followed by all members of the team to assure that everyone not only understands what needs to be done, but also how it is expected to be done to Sunview’s standards.

We are constantly studying and working on the business to see where we can be more efficient so we can ultimately better serve our customers while providing unmatched customer service.
We hope to hear from you and have the opportunity to serve you!

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Southern Litchfield County: Kent, Warren, Litchfield, Harwinton, Goshen, New Preston, Bethlehem, Washington, Watertown, Thomaston, Bantam, Bridgewater, Roxbury, Woodbury & Oakville CT

About SunView Property Services

We're not your typical lawn maintenance company!

We offer unmatched commitment to customer service and attention to detail.
We serve our customers the right way, the first time and every time!

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